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July 2024


General Information
Mr Chris P. Odijk (sworn translator for the English language) and Ms Xandra Lammers (translator and interpreter for the English language) organize Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation courses as well as legal English courses. In addition, we provide Dutch to English and English to Dutch translation services.

Yearlong Legal Translation Course
The yearlong Dutch-English / English-Dutch Legal Translation Course − the most comprehensive course in this field in the Netherlands − has existed since 1991 and will be held in an online form for the fourth time in the year 2024-2025. There are two versions of the course: the online course (Microsoft Teams sessions) and the correspondence course (by email).  

General Translation Course  
Since 2008 we have also offered the Dutch-English / English-Dutch General Translation Course. This course, too, has two versions: the online course and the correspondence course. 

Shorter Specialization Courses & Workshops
In addition to the regular legal translation course, shorter specialization courses and one-day special theme workshops will be organized 

PE Points
All courses aimed at translators and interpreters qualify for points under the Permanent Education System for Sworn Interpreters and Translators (PE points).

Online and Tailor-Made Legal English Courses
Finally, we organize online and tailor-made courses and private lessons for lawyers and legal secretaries

• Practical Legal English for Lawyers and/or Legal Secretaries
• Tailor-made courses and private lessons for lawyers and legal secretaries
• Tailor-made courses and private lessons for civil-law notaries

N.B. Overview of Courses_2024-2025

At this juncture, the following courses are in preparation:

• Insurance Law
• Theory of Translation and Lexicography

All online courses are held through Microsoft sessions.

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Chris P. Odijk & Xandra Lammers