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June 2024

Shorter courses and thematic workshops

Since 2006, we have organized shorter courses (both online and correspondence courses) and thematic workshops in the field of Dutch-English and English-Dutch legal and financial translation. All online courses and workshops are held through Microsoft Teams sessions (or another tool). 

Shorter Courses  

The regular shorter courses consist of 6 to 11 sessions. The course fee varies between EUR 450 and EUR 950. The correspondence courses comprise 5 to 10 assignments, each consisting of various part assignments. The course fee varies between EUR 300 and EUR 750.

Currently, we organize the following shorter courses:
Accounting Terminology Translation Course (Eng)
Civil Procedure Translation Course (Eng)
Criminal Law Translation Course (Eng)
Family & Inheritance Law Translation Course (Eng)
Family Law Translation Course (Eng)

Inheritance Law Translation Course (Eng)
Insolvency Law Translation Course (Eng)
Intellectual Property Translation Course (Eng)
Labour Law Translation Course (Eng)
Tax Law Translation Course (Eng)

Thematic Works
In addition to these specialization courses, thematic workshops are held on specific Saturdays. These thematic workshops consist of a morning programme and an afternoon programme. The course fee — ranging from EUR 250 to EUR 450 — includes course material. 

Currently, we offer the following thematic workshops:

Legal Translation Introduction Workshop
‘Certified Translations’ Workshop

Currently, the following courses and thematic workshops are in preparation:

• Insurance Law
• Translation theory + Lexicography

Enrolment for the Shorter Courses and Workshops
General Terms and Conditions for the Shorter Courses and Workshops
Enrolment for the Shorter Courses & Workshops

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