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May 2024

Translation Test

Chris P. Odijk & Xandra Lammers – English Courses & Translations organises a translation test recognised by the Bureau Wbtv.

Students who pass this test fulfil the educational requirement for entry into the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators and can therefore immediately be entered in this register as sworn translators for the translation combination in which the test was taken.  

The test is part of the Institute Examination that is linked to the two-year Dutch-English and/or English-Dutch General Translation Course and consists of two parts: a. Dutch-English; b. English-Dutch. The two parts of the Institute Examination each count as a translation test within the meaning of the Framework for Interpreting and Translating Tests, as laid down by the Dutch Legal Aid Board.

The translation test is open to students who have successfully completed the full programme of this course, either in online or correspondence form, but is also open to students who have completed one of the shorter one-term Dutch-English and/or English-Dutch general translation courses (b version) or who have completed the Dutch-English & English-Dutch Legal Translation Couse.     

Duration of the test

The translation test lasts 4 hours (if you take part in both translation directions) or 2 hours (if you take part in only one translation direction). The two tests can also take place on two different dates (within the same week).

Test procedure

The translations must be done on a laptop computer, as this best replicates real-life situations. After the test, the translations are saved in Word-format and in pdf-format on a USB-stick of CPO & XL and emailed to the designated email address of CPO & XL.

During the test, the use of dictionaries, other reference works and the Internet is permitted. However, during the test, emailing, texting and other ways of communication as well as CAT tools, such as Trados and MemoQ, are not permitted (with the exception of emailing the test paper(s) to CPO & XL at the end of the test).  The student is required to bring his/her own dictionaries and other reference materials and bring his/her own laptop and mouse for working on the assignments.

Format and content of the test

The test concerns the translation of a text of approximately 300 words. The texts are of a general, social and informative nature. In the selection of the texts, the aim is to approach the reality of professional practice as closely as possible.


The test result is determined on the basis of an assessment grid. The result of the test is exclusively ‘passed’ or ‘failed’. If a candidate does not pass, a reasoned explanation will be given as to why his or her performance is unsatisfactory.


The examination fee is €250 per test/translation direction (i.e. €500 for both translation directions); no VAT is charged on this amount. You may sit both tests (the Dutch-English translation test and the English-Dutch translation test) or just one test (either the Dutch-English translation test or the English-Dutch translation test).  

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